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  • Prevent Social engineering attacks by implementing Okta’s best practices.
    Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Below are some the tactics, Techniques and procedures an attacker may use. Best practices to implement. Best practices for Tenant level security in DelAuth mode: Workflow automations around security: Security is first and foremost to any business. Always be proactive than reactive, Below steps provides some best practices around automating security. … Read more
  • Okta Device Access – Desktop Password Sync for macOS
    This is an Early Access feature. To learn how to enable it, see Manage Early Access and Beta features. Introduction With macOS Ventura, Apple introduced Platform SSO, which enables developers to create a single sign-on (SSO) extension that interacts directly with the macOS login window. This extension enables users to link their local macOS account … Read more
  • Okta enrolled factor verification tool for Helpdesk to reset password/factors using Okta workflows and Slack modal
    Prerequisite: Problem statement: Okta enables selfservice to reset your password. This requires some high assurance factor for verification. Also some times they need to reset factors which does not have a way to do self service. If a end user calls Helpdesk to reset their password or factors. They always require the user to verify … Read more
  • Okta API Access Management: a Dark Knight metaphor
    Recently, while thinking about what topic I should select for a new article, my gaze stopped on my desk. As often, a Batman comic was next to my right screen (for those who wonder, it was “Gotham Nocturne”). Then came to me a very geeky idea : if I were to explain some Okta concepts … Read more
  • OKTA Workflows : the best is yet to come
    In my previous article, I gave you a brief introduction to Okta workflows, in order to arouse your curiosity as to the potential of this tool. On the face of it, if you’re here, that’s the case (if you’ve seen the light and gone in, that’s good too!). Today, I’m going to take the presentation … Read more
  • Introduction to OKTA Workflows: nothing is impossible (almost)!
    If you’re here, you probably know what Okta is. But if you don’t, we won’t hold it against you (promise!). Okta offers an IAM (Identity Access Management) solution, enabling you to centrally and securely manage your users’ identities and access to the resources they need to access. Okta is like the bouncer of the VIP … Read more
  • Oracle HCM Integration with Okta
    This article explains how to connect Oracle’s HCM system to Okta as a HR Master, using Okta’s Anything as a Source API’s with Okta Workflows. Overview Anything-as-a-Source (XaaS) allows you to integrate any source of truth with Okta, and realize the benefits of HR-driven provisioning from any source of truth. XaaS gives customers the flexibility … Read more
  • OIG Assets in the Okta Community
    Those following this blog will know we post a lot of technical assets on the Okta products from a technical specialist perspective, such as the how-to’s that aren’t obvious from product documentation or cross-product solutions to address specific use cases. But did you know there are some community assets published by Okta in addition to … Read more
  • OIG Access Requests – Can I Attach a File?
    A common requirement for access requests is adding a file to support the request. It may not be obvious, but Okta Identity Governance has the means to attach a file to a request. Let’s explore this and show an example. How to Attach a File in the Access Requests Portal A file can be attached … Read more
  • OIG Access Requests – Posting Questions Based on Earlier Selections
    My colleague, Rajesh Kumar, showed me something today that fell into the “wow, I didn’t even think of using the product this way” category. It involves using logic in Access Request flows (Request Types) in Okta Identity Governance to prompt for additional information based on earlier selections. Let’s look at how the user experiences it, … Read more
  • OIG Access Requests and Workflows – Checking SoD In An Access Request
    This article looks at a new approach you could use to perform Separation of Duties (SoD) checking from Okta Access Requests using Okta Workflows. It shows two approaches you could take to get SoD analysis into the request a soon as it’s raised so that the reviewer has the information at hand before approving the … Read more
  • Configure Okta as an Identity Provider for VMware Workspace ONE Access
    This blog article describes how to configure Okta as the identity provider to Workspace ONE Access. You can use this configuration to provide a streamlined device enrolment experience for devices with Workspace ONE UEM and access to Horizon delivered applications. You can leverage Okta’s extensible Multi-factor authentication and provide a consistent and familiar login experience for end … Read more
  • Okta Desktop MFA for Windows
    This is an Early Access feature. To learn how to enable it, see Manage Early Access and Beta features. The use of Okta’s Desktop MFA for Windows strengthens the security of a user’sauthentication of Windows computers.This customizable solution is designed to configure the sign- in flow into a Windows workstation. This secured sign-in flow will … Read more
  • OIG Access Requests – Posting Additional Information into a Request
    This article looks at a recent addition to the Okta Identity Governance (OIG) Access Request API that allows updating of in-flight access requests and can be used to add additional data to help reviewers review requests. Note that the OIG APIs are still in beta but can be used against preview and production Okta orgs. … Read more
  • User Access Reviews in Okta Identity Governance
    This article explores the new user campaign (User Access Review) feature in Okta Identity Governance (OIG) Access Certifications. Introduction The ability to build and run access certification campaigns against resources in Okta (groups and applications) has been in Okta Identity Governance (OIG) since it was released. In June User Campaigns was added to address User … Read more
  • OIG Access Requests – Calling an Okta Workflow from Within a Request Type
    For some time there has been the ability to trigger a workflow in Okta Workflows from a request flow in Okta Access Requests via events written to the Okta System Log. Events were created for a request being initiated and being closed. But this approach has some limitations, such as a lot of processing within … Read more
  • How to re-engage dropped-off users from Okta’s Self-Service Registration Process
    Re-engage users who dropped off during the self-service registration process done via Okta’s service
  • Okta Workflow Office Hours
    For those Okta customers that are using Okta Workflows, this might be of interest to you. What is Workflow Office Hours? Workflow Office Hours is a one hour virtual session for Okta customers that are interested in: Who is the target audience? The target audience is anyone using Okta Workflows. These personas would likely include … Read more
  • Get your Fact(or)s Straight!
    MFA, Passwordless and Phishing Resistance are all terms we are hearing more and more lately. MFA usage has nearly doubled since 2020 according to Okta’s recent Secure Sign in trends report discussed here Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion around what these terms and more basic ones like Factors and Authenticators actually represent. This … Read more
  • Okta Workflows How-To: Anything as a Source with Pagination
    Overview Anything-as-a-Source allows you to integrate any source of truth with Okta, and realize the benefits of HR-driven provisioning from any source of truth. XaaS gives customers the flexibility to define the terms of synchronization between Okta and the source of truth. See my original blog on Anything-as-a-Source here: Okta Workflows How-To: Anything as a … Read more
  • Top 3 Actions for Technologists to help maximise the value of your businesses cyber security insurance
    I recently had the privilege of organizing a knowledge-sharing webinar, where we brought together a panel of cyber security insurance (CSI) experts.  Our discussion revolved around the present and future state of the industry, and I gained a wealth of valuable insights along the way which inspired this blog.  One of the prevailing themes during … Read more
  • Handle authentication/password resets for unique usernames with duplicate email address using CIC (Auth0)
    TL;DR In certain unique cases, I have come across a scenario where end customers are using a unique username (ex: USER01) with duplicate email address. In this blog post, I have tried to document a solution/approach on how we could handle authentication and password reset for these users using CIC (Auth0). Known Information Currently CIC … Read more
  • Enable Okta for VMware vCenter Server
    In today’s security landscape, identity management and multifactor authentication (MFA) are crucial components. The latest release of vSphere, vSphere 8 Update 1, introduces support for cloud-based identity providers in vCenter, including the widely used Okta service. With this new capability, vSphere administrators can leverage modern identity management features for enhanced security and streamlined operations. Prerequisites … Read more
  • Setting up Okta Workflows with your Okta WIC/CIS tenant
    If you have an Okta Workforce Identity Cloud or Okta Customer Identity Solution tenant then you are eligible for 5 Free flows to use within the Okta Workflows Platform. This article is to guide you step by step on how to set up Okta Workflows with your Okta tenant. Prerequisite: As an Okta Administrator, when … Read more
  • Breaking into the role
    Part 2 of my series about life as a Sales Engineer – Read part 1 here Now you know what we do day to day, maybe you’re thinking you might be interested in it as a future role? Then this post is for you! In order to give you a rounded view, rather than just … Read more