Okta Workflows ( makes it easy to automate identity processes at scale – without writing code. Use if-this-then-that logic, Okta’s pre-built connector library, and the ability to connect to any publicly available API to enable anyone to innovate with Okta.

Okta Workflows can be used in many identity use cases, covering workforce, IGA/PAM and consumer IAM. It fills the gap where out-of-the-box functionality can’t address a need, and an obvious area for blog articles. A lot of great information, like how-to guides, can be found in the help documentation:

Also, there’s some brilliant material on (Max is part of the Okta Product Acceleration Team focusing on Okta Workflows).

This page links to all the Workflows articles on this site.

Workflow Samples

Workflow samples available for download.

1Sychronize User Status from Okta to Auth0Download
2Using Workflows to retrieve Slack user status and other info using Custom API cardsDownload
3Advanced Server Access Pre-authorizationsDownload
4Identity Governance Separation of DutiesDownload
5Identity Governance Continuous CertificationDownload
6Identity Governance Fine-grained Permission ReportingDownload
7Identity Governance Inactive UsersDownload
8Okta Access Gateway and Access Requests Syslog ReportingDownload
9Office 365 / Azure AD seemless Users and Password’s Migration to OktaDownload
10Microsoft Office 365 Guest users’ lifecycle management with Okta WorkflowsDownload
11This workflow is designed to sync Office 365 Attributes to OktaDownload
12Certifying Access for Disconnected Application in OktaDownload
13User Provisioning for Manage Engine via Okta WorkflowsDownload
14This workflow demonstrates how a user’s profile can be enriched with associated values that have been retrieved from an external tableDownload
15This workflow provides the ability for the user to suspend and reactivate their Okta enrolled devices via SlackDownload
16Cursor based pagination example using the MS Graph APIDownload
17Provision Users from Auth0 to OktaDownload

Okta enrolled factor verification tool for Helpdesk to reset password/factors using Okta workflows and Slack modal

Prerequisite: Problem statement: Okta enables selfservice to reset your password. This requires some high assurance factor for verification. Also some times they need to reset factors which does not have a way to do self service. If a end user calls Helpdesk to reset their password or factors. They always require the user to verify…

OKTA Workflows : the best is yet to come

In my previous article, I gave you a brief introduction to Okta workflows, in order to arouse your curiosity as to the potential of this tool. On the face of it, if you’re here, that’s the case (if you’ve seen the light and gone in, that’s good too!). Today, I’m going to take the presentation…

Introduction to OKTA Workflows: nothing is impossible (almost)!

If you’re here, you probably know what Okta is. But if you don’t, we won’t hold it against you (promise!). Okta offers an IAM (Identity Access Management) solution, enabling you to centrally and securely manage your users’ identities and access to the resources they need to access. Okta is like the bouncer of the VIP…

Oracle HCM Integration with Okta

This article explains how to connect Oracle’s HCM system to Okta as a HR Master, using Okta’s Anything as a Source API’s with Okta Workflows. Overview Anything-as-a-Source (XaaS) allows you to integrate any source of truth with Okta, and realize the benefits of HR-driven provisioning from any source of truth. XaaS gives customers the flexibility…

OIG Access Requests – Can I Attach a File?

A common requirement for access requests is adding a file to support the request. It may not be obvious, but Okta Identity Governance has the means to attach a file to a request. Let’s explore this and show an example. How to Attach a File in the Access Requests Portal A file can be attached…

Okta Workflow Office Hours

For those Okta customers that are using Okta Workflows, this might be of interest to you. What is Workflow Office Hours? Workflow Office Hours is a one hour virtual session for Okta customers that are interested in: Who is the target audience? The target audience is anyone using Okta Workflows. These personas would likely include…

Okta Workflows How-To: Anything as a Source with Pagination

Overview Anything-as-a-Source allows you to integrate any source of truth with Okta, and realize the benefits of HR-driven provisioning from any source of truth. XaaS gives customers the flexibility to define the terms of synchronization between Okta and the source of truth. See my original blog on Anything-as-a-Source here: Okta Workflows How-To: Anything as a…

Setting up Okta Workflows with your Okta WIC/CIS tenant

If you have an Okta Workforce Identity Cloud or Okta Customer Identity Solution tenant then you are eligible for 5 Free flows to use within the Okta Workflows Platform. This article is to guide you step by step on how to set up Okta Workflows with your Okta tenant. Prerequisite: As an Okta Administrator, when…


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