Get your Fact(or)s Straight!

MFA, Passwordless and Phishing Resistance are all terms we are hearing more and more lately. MFA usage has nearly doubled since 2020 according to Okta's recent Secure Sign in trends report discussed here Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion around what these terms and more basic ones like Factors and Authenticators actually represent. This … Continue reading Get your Fact(or)s Straight!

Manage user devices authorised to access applications

Fine grained Device level authorisation was not really possible before devices became a first class citizen in the Okta Identity Engine. User Devices (with Okta FastPass installed) could always be Suspended or Deactivated in OIE (Directory → Devices), but this would prevent the user from using their device to access any applications in Okta. Suspend … Continue reading Manage user devices authorised to access applications