OIG Entitlement Management

This page is for articles relating to the new Okta Identity Governance (OIG) Entitlement Management function.

OIG Entitlement Management Overview

Entitlements in applications grant access to resources. The Entitlement Management feature in OIG promotes these entitlements to first-class objects in Okta alongside Groups and Applications meaning they can be visible against the user (rather than buried in application user profiles), can be requested via OIG Access Requests and can be validated via OIG Access Certifications.

The following figure shows the major components and integrations with the wider Okta Workforce Identity Cloud platform and external systems.

OIG Architectural Overview

More information can be found in an introduction article (also listed below).

OIG Entitlement Management Posts

The following articles are specific to OIG Access Requests.

Entitlements Managed in OIG with Early Access

The new Entitlement Management capability in Okta Identity Governance (OIG) is currently in Early Access for OIG customers. With this release Okta has updated five of the Okta Integration Network (OIN) connectors to support this new capability – splitting entitlements from other application profile attributes and managing the two-way sync between Okta and the applications.…

OIG Entitlement Management – A Technical Introduction

Okta continues to enhance the Okta Identity Governance product in the areas of Access Requests, Access Certification, and Governance reporting. However a significant update, Entitlement Management, was announced at Oktane23 and is currently in Early Access. This article provides a technical overview of the new Entitlement Management capability. What is Entitlement Management? Okta is adding…