Entitlements Managed in OIG with Early Access

The new Entitlement Management capability in Okta Identity Governance (OIG) is currently in Early Access for OIG customers.

With this release Okta has updated five of the Okta Integration Network (OIN) connectors to support this new capability – splitting entitlements from other application profile attributes and managing the two-way sync between Okta and the applications.

The following table lists the application entitlements managed in OIG.

SaaS ApplicationEntitlements
salesforce.comFeature Licenses
Permission Sets
Public Groups
Google WorkspaceLicenses
Oracle NetSuiteRoles
Microsoft Office365Licenses

This is just the current list of updated OIN connectors. This list will grow.

Also, for apps that don’t have an OIN connector or just need to be managed by OIG (i.e. no need for SSO) you can implement a BYO Entitlements model using the OIG APIs (perhaps in Workflows).

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