How to re-engage dropped-off users from Okta’s Self-Service Registration Process

Some Okta customers have enabled Okta’s Profile Enrolment Policy that enables their Okta instance to support Self-Service Registration process. The issue with enabling this capability is sometimes, your new users, may not continue with the activation process and eventually drop out.

When these users drop out, the previous verification email that Okta sent out gets invalidated over the configured allowed/accepted window timeframe.

Because of this, your users who dropped out can no longer activate their accounts and they also can’t trigger any password recovery flows as the lifecycle status of the user in OKTA is set as ‘STAGED’.

To allow your dropped off users to be re-engaged later on, I’ve designed and created a custom workflow powered by Okta Workflows. The customer workflow will allow you to trigger re-activation emails over users who dropped out such that they can re-activate their account. The good thing with the re-activation process is that they can also set a new password as most likely they already forgotten the original password they initially set.

If you want to get a copy of the workflow, feel free to email me via

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