OIG Assets in the Okta Community

Those following this blog will know we post a lot of technical assets on the Okta products from a technical specialist perspective, such as the how-to’s that aren’t obvious from product documentation or cross-product solutions to address specific use cases.

But did you know there are some community assets published by Okta in addition to published documentation? I thought it worthwhile to highlight a few as they often contain updates from Product Management and other official sources.

The Okta Community is a collection of assets provided by Okta to help customers and partners in the use of Okta’s products.

There are product hubs, such as for Okta Identity Governance, Workflows and Advanced Server Access. The OIG product hub is the go-to place for all OIG-related content. It includes:

  • Overview and FAQ pages
  • A Getting Started Guide written as a lab guide to get you familiar with the basic concepts and components of OIG
  • Release Notes, which are very useful as new features are being introduced regularly
  • Recent and popular knowledge articles, including some copies of articles on iamse.blog.
  • Common and recently answered questions

The Questions Forum is the place to go to see and post questions. This may be a valuable alternative to logging a support ticket. You can filter by specific products.

You can also view the Blogs and search for OIG posts. Some interesting recent blogs include:

There are Discussion Groups, including a new Okta Identity Governance (OIG) discussion group.

We encourage all OIG users to register for the community, look at the product pages (such as OIG, Workflows, LCM, UD), leverage the assets already there and make use of the new discussion group.

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