OIG Access Requests – Cancelling a Timer

If you’re familiar with the timer feature in Okta Identity Governance (OIG) Access Requests, you may have wondered if you can cancel a running timer and if so, how? Let’s show how it can be done. If you’re not familiar with the timer feature, have a read of this article: https://iamse.blog/2022/07/27/oig-access-requests-using-the-new-timer-feature/.

A timer is used to pause execution of an access request flow (request type) in OIG Access Requests. You may want to automatically revoke access after a set period of time (e.g. remove a privileged access two hours after it was granted) or on a set date (e.g. user only needs access until a date). A question that often comes up is how to stop a running timer. A timer is an action in a request type and like other actions, you can interact with them via the task view.

To do this you need to be in the team owning the request type. Go into the request and look at the Tasks in the right pane. If the timer is running, you will see a clock icon beside it. Click th

There is only one action option for a timer – End timer. It will popup when you click the clock icon.

Click it and you will be shown a confirmation dialog.

To stop the timer, click Yes, end the timer.

The timer icon will now be green indicating it has stopped (this is the same as if the timer had run to completion).

As can be seen above, the steps dependent on the timer will then run. As an admin in the owning Team, you may be able to disable subsequent steps.

That’s it, hopefully very straightforward.

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