OIG Access Requests – Clearing “Stuck” Requests

When working with Okta Identity Governance (OIG) Access Requests, you may find a request in a “stuck” state, where you can’t complete a step or the request doesn’t automatically close when done. Perhaps you’re testing a new Request Type and missed a step or have something misconfigured when you tested it. As an administrator you may need to force it.

The following is an example of a common problem where you need to set or change the administrator to be able to force completion…

I have some requests that have been sitting in an Open state for ten months.

If I select one of the requests, I can see it has no Assignee.

If I look at the Tasks, I can see there’s a Provisioning task, but the icon is greyed out and cannot be actioned (a Provisioning task is shown, but it could be any task having issues).

If you go back to the Info tab, you can change the Assignee to yourself (assuming you’re an admin in the Team that owns the request type).

You should be able to now action the Task (in-fact, as you change the Assignee, a number circle should appear beside the Tasks tab).

For most tasks, you can click the Mark task as complete without running action button (or Approve/Deny an approval task).

You should see that task is now flagged as completed.

Finally, if the request is not set for automatic completion, you should be able to click the Mark as Done button.

Hopefully this article helps you force stuck requests in OIG Access Requests.

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