GraphQL queries with Okta Workflows

By Bryan Barrows

Okta Workflows is a stellar tool for orchestrating automations and has built-in integrations with a wide variety of services. Workflows also makes it easy to communicate with APIs via the API Connector functionality.

A customer recently asked, "What if I need to talk to a GraphQL service? Can Okta Workflows do that?"

Yes! In essence, GraphQL is just a text format used in HTTP payloads, so we can leverage Workflows to generate the queries and the HTTP Functions in the API Connector to make the calls.

Example of calling a GraphQL API using Okta Workflows

I found this helpful list of free GraphQL APIs for projects and demos and decided to test out the Star Wars API.

Feel free to download my example and import it to your environment.

Download steps:

  • right click "view raw"
  • click "Save Link As"
  • be sure the filename ends in .flow !

Read more about how to import and export flows here.

Hope this helps! Find me on LinkedIn or join us at a Community Office Hours session if you have any questions or want to chat about what you’re working on – would love to see you there!

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