Okta Privileged Access

This page is for articles relating to the new Okta Privileged Access product.

Okta Privileged Access Overview

Okta Privileged Access (OPA) is Okta’s new Privileged Access Management (PAM) product. It continues the journey started with Okta Advanced Server Access for infrastructure access and extends into other privileged resources, such as application secrets and cloud platform entitlements.

The following figure shows the major components and integrations with the wider Okta Workforce Identity Cloud platform and external systems.

The solution leverages new Okta Privileged Access components, components carried over from Okta Advanced Server Access, and other Okta components such as the platform and Okta Identity Governance. More information can be found in an introduction article (also listed below).

Okta Privileged Access Posts

The following articles are specific to OIG Access Requests.

Introducing Secrets Management in Okta Privileged Access

This article explores the new secrets management capability within Okta Privileged Access. Introduction to Secrets Management A key feature of the new Okta Privileged Access product is the introduction of a vault to securely store credentials (or secrets). With the initial release of the product this unlocks two critical use cases: This article will explore…

Okta Privileged Access and Okta Access Requests

Okta Privileged Access (OPA) leverages with wider Okta Workforce Identity Cloud capabilities for many use cases. One of these integrations is with the Okta Access Requests components, that comes as part of the Okta Identity Governance (OIG) product, but also ships in a limited form with OPA. This article explores the two common use cases:…

Okta Privileged Access – A Look at the Data Model

This article provides a simplified view of the data model used in Okta Privileged Access (OPA). Note that this is a logical view of data objects and their relationships, and the term “object” is used very loosely (more like data types). Also this is based on the current Early Access product and may change with…

Okta Privileged Access – A Technical Introduction

The new Okta Privileged Access product was featured in the recent Oktane23 conference. The product is currently (Oct 23) in early access with General Availability expected in Dec 23. This article is a brief technical overview of Okta Privileged Access (OPA) looking at the components and functions of the product. It is written to provide…